Murals for children's playrooms, nurseries, hospitals, restaurants, and businesses

Happy's Portfolio

Happy has decorated hundreds of walls across the globe! To view some samples of his murals for hospitals, businesses, children's rooms, playrooms, and other artwork, select a location from the menu below, then click the "GO!" button.


View a list of Happy's Commissions

Homes, Nurseries & Children's Rooms

Schools, Churches, & Day Care Centers

Hospitals & Doctor's Offices

State Lottery Offices.

Restaurants, Store Fronts & Businesses

3-D Art and Cut outs.

    Saint Mary's Hospital - Here Happy has painted the walls but used removable cutouts for birds and leaves on palm trees. (7 pictures)
    Cut-out signs and figures - We have cut-out cows on Aluminum for a local Arby's, a figure for Dunkin Donuts. (17 pictures)

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